Casey without Hat

Artist's Statement

Defining "What is Art" is an absolute impossibility. Scholars and art critics wax philosophically about the merits of "High Art" which in our current atmosphere of creativity is relegated to "Conceptual Art" or possibly "Shock of the New". This leaves "Representational Art" or "Traditional Art" as the poor, uneducated country cousin that is not worthy of acknowledgement. The average lay person may exclaim, "I don't know much about art but I know what I like". This, of course, defines art as being subjective. So, what is the answer? The reality is, there isn't one.

Art is what stimulates the emotions in each of us. It is the force that has cultured humans throughout history, igniting the evolution of humanity. Artists are driven to create by the emotional forces that occupy their psyche. They must not allow the expectations of others to interfere with, and disrupt their beliefs. For if they are not true to themselves, then they are no longer artists.